If you are selling your home, Thyra does thorough research for comparable sales data, whether you live in a West Vancouver estate, or a highrise condo. She meets with you and gives you every bit of relevant information necessary to choose a selling price. She considers the size, location and condition of your home and is happy to offer suggestions to maximize your selling price. She has a very thorough understanding of the real estate market and ensures that her clients profit from that. She always thoroughly markets her homes within the Multiple Listings Service, amongst her colleagues, and on her website with multiple photos and virtual tours.

Thyra always attends showings of her properties, ensuring that each prospective buyer is given a thorough tour, and that someone familiar with the home is on hand to point out all it's features. Afterwards, she follows up to get feedback from the prospective buyers and their agents to ensure that she is aware of any concerns about condition or price that might affect offers and future viewings of the home.

You can be assured that listing your home with Thyra will be a positive experience. Thyra's research, industry knowledge and negotiation skills will all be working for you.